We are looking forward to your visit to our website and we are honored to know you. Thank you for your attention to Dongguan NIZING Electric Wire Co., Ltd.

NIZING, Day after day to refinement, Day after day to pursue progress

Our company come from Taiwan in 1998 to Dongguan, Get the care, support and help of friends from all walks of life.

With more than 20 years of experience, all “NIZING”people joined hands side by side to achieve a qualitative improvement in the brand awareness and reputation of the “NIZING” brand.

This era is more profound than ever before. It is not easy to succeed. In the future, we need to work harder. We are full of ambition on the road to technological innovation. Although the pains of hardship are far more than imagined, Only the energy and determination of the team can guide us to every success and transcend.........

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