Silicone airway thumb
Silicone airway thumb

Silicone airway

Silicone airway by silicone rubber to the double roller rubber mixing machine or airtight kneading machine, gradually add repeatedly refined uniform, white carbon black and other additives in accordance with the requirements of industry product technical standards made by extrusion products. Products by extrusion outer woven a special material with heat conduction of the steam, features with high temperature resistant, viscose, etc., contrast of PVC products are not easily embrittlement, not changeful form, and the characteristics of environmental protection and so on.

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UL number : UL241200
Temperature Range : -60~200℃
Authentication:ROHS REACH UL
Tolerance range:0.1mm~0.3mm
Hardness : 30-80A
Air pressure : 0.6~1.2mpa
Size : ¢1mm~¢50mm
Color :Can be produced according to customer demand.
Use range : Electric iron, steam iron, high-pressure steam products.
Using the non-toxic and harmless silica gel as the raw material, using the platinum vulcanization process, the production. The product has the characteristics of high temperature resistance to 180-degree and non-aging, and can keep the high elasticity and non-viscose of silica gel in high temperature environment.

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